Loyalty Program

Become a Family Member in our free customer loyalty program and gain access to:

Free next-day delivery*

Some days waiting in the store to get a prescription filled or using the drive-thru just isn’t convenient. We understand. That’s why when you’re a Family Member, we’ll deliver your prescriptions and/or over-the-counter medications right to your door if you're a Franklin resident. 


Free monthly children’s vitamins

As a Family Member, your children ages 4 to 12 receive free monthly chewable vitamins. Simply drop by the pharmacy each month and pick up your month’s supply of daily chewable vitamins for each child.


FFP Extended Supply Drug Program

Our extended supply drug program reduces the cost of long-term medication by hundreds of dollars over the big box stores. As a Family Member, you are eligible to receive up to a 360-count supply of more than 75 prescription drugs at a significant discount (based on special Franklin Family Pharmacy discount cash pricing). Learn more and see the full discount drug list.

Drop by the store or sign up here to become a Family Member and begin receiving these benefits!