Mama Merrill is a Nashville local and mom of four, who developed this signature recipe to keep her family healthy. Her formula contains natural ingredients that have been used for centuries to maintain a healthy immune system.


Active Ingredients:

Sambucus Nigra Elderberries - high in flavonoids  and known for their extensive health benefits such as:

  • preventing and reducing the symptoms of viruses,

  • raising antioxidant levels (cancer prevention),

  • promoting regularity, lowering blood sugar levels, 

  • revitalizing skin cells,

  • aiding the circulatory system, 

  • reducing swelling in sinus passages.

Tennessee Honey - known for its ability to ease allergy symptoms naturally.


Apple Cider Vinegar - health benefits of ACV are too vast to list! Learn more here. 

Restorative Spice Blend containing Turmeric: Scientists have discovered the power of Turmeric exceeds that of 10 commonly prescribed medications used to treat inflammation, depression, chronic pain, cancer and more! ​

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